Tips for Insurance Leads


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If you’re in the insurance business, then you already know how tough it can be to get good, qualified insurance leads that will pay off but don’t cost a fortune.  There is, however, with the proliferation of the internet, a seamlessly limitless assortment of options as it pertains to insurance marketing, insurance lead generation and simply in lead buying as a whole.  Though there are a myriad of ways in which to obtain business leads, one would think that finding active prospects to target and acquiring customers would be easier.  In reality, it’s more difficult than ever.

Today’s insurance industry is tougher than it has ever been for several reasons.  Probably the biggest reason is that competition is fierce, and there’s no shortage of agents or insurance companies fighting for every prospect and customer available.  Consumers have much more choice than they ever have, due in large part to the rise of the internet and quick accessibility.  No longer do you have to go downtown to your neighbor’s office to get a quote.  Insurance prospects have the world at their fingertips by simply sitting in front of their computer.

If you’re an insurance agent looking for new business leads and new customers, then you have to be smarter and work harder than everyone else.  It’s simply the only means to successful targeting and acquisition.  You have to cast a wider marketing net and think outside the box.  If you’re going to gain market share and have your message heard above your competition’s, then you’ll need to diversify your marketing strategies and utilize more marketing tools from the traditional, to the new digital means.

Finding new business leads is crucial to your survival as an insurance agent.  Whether you’re doing a direct mail campaign or you’re hitting the phones telemarketing, you need to consult with a reputable and experience lead generation business to accurately target those people most likely to need your product.  Furthermore, you don’t want to waste time or money going after the wrong people.  This is where a lead generation company can help.

One more thing to consider if you’re looking for insurance leads:  how are prospective clients finding you?  Are you advertising?  How and where?  What is your presence like online?  If you’re looking for something beyond the traditional, something unique that will pay off, check out GoLeads at  GoLeads has a number of options, both online and offline, that can help you grow your business.

10 Questions with Tom DeLong: General Manager for US Farm Data


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At US Farm Data we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our farmers leads, services, and other products. Bringing Tom DeLong on board as our General Manager is just one more way we continue to do what’s best for our clients.  Please take a minute to learn a little bit more about Tom and what he brings to our team:

1.    What’s your favorite fresh-food meal?

I enjoy a good burger with toppings like chili, onions and lettuce.

2.    Do you have an agricultural background?

Born and raised in Nebraska in a rural town. First job at the age of 10 was working for a farmer de-tassling. Received my degree in Broadcasting and first job was with RFDTV, so very familiar with the agriculture business.

3.    Have you ever driven a combine, milked a cow, gathered fresh eggs from a coop-Would you if someone gave you the opportunity?

Having family and friends who were and still are farmers has allowed me to do all of the above. Spent summers and weekends at farms doing everything.

4.    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received regarding sales/marketing?

If you can get down with your clients, listen and learn what has and hasn’t worked for them in the past and currently, you can solve anything

5.    List 5 things you’d like to do this summer.

Enjoy my family and friends, enjoy my back yard oasis I built myself, see everything green up and work in my yard, enjoy the warmth and sun outside and wear shorts.

6.    What’s your favorite thing about NE?

People are so nice and it’s the best place to live. Having lived on both coasts after college, I relocated to the Midwest and won’t leave as home is where the heart is…

7.    Hobbies?

Scuba Diving, Salt Water Fish (Reef Aquarist), Attending concerts and listening to live music of all types, spending time with my family and watching my kids grow.

8.    What do you enjoy most about sales?

Being able to help companies grow and reap success.

9. Favorite vacation spot?

Puerto Morelos, Mexico (Small sea town in the Caribbean with white beaches, beautiful reefs with fish and coral marine life.

10. Best childhood memory?

Traveling across the country with my family on a two week vacation to see all the sites in a station wagon and to end at the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

For more information about Tom and US Farm Data’s farmers leads, consumer leads, digital marketing options and more, please check us out at or call 800-960-6267 today.

The Best Sales Leads

In today’s marketplace, you can’t waste precious time on bad sales leads that won’t pay off in the end. The use of the internet, advancing technology, and an ever-evolving competitive landscape, you have to bring your “A-game” each and every day or risk falling behind, or worse, failing. Back in the day, a great deal of drive, time and energy was put into every meeting. Prospects were sporadic and hard to come by, thus the time and focus on each and every one. It took time, attention and a lot of courting to get a sale. But, times have changed and if you’re still doing things the old way, you must reconsider what you’re doing and do it quickly.

It sounds a bit like the obvious, but you must learn how to properly qualify a lead. It can mean the difference between landing that big sale, contract or client, or wasting a lot time and, even worse, a lot of money. It’s imperative to take immediate control of the conversation and ask the right questions. If you do this properly, thoroughly, and with a bit of speed, you’ll be able to determine if your prospect is a solid lead or a dead end. One of the best pieces of advice any salesperson could receive and understand is to be prepared. Write out your questions and have a game plan.

The toughest thing to learn, whether you’re a rookie or an experienced salesperson, is knowing if and when a consumer lead is hot or simply not worth the trouble. You must see the big picture when a lead bites off a telemarketing or mailing list. Contain your enthusiasm and really consider where this “bite” might lead you in regards to the relationship. Consider budget, needs versus wants, their chain of command and their timeline. Nothing kills a sale quicker than an over-zealous sales person that simply doesn’t get the big picture.

Another mistake many people make is not asking the right questions. Write your questions down, if you need to, prior to the conversation. Avoid jumping into your sales pitch and talking about your product before first listening to your customer and understanding their needs.

Put to practice these basic sales habits and you’ll quickly be able to recognize those sales leads that are worth your time and those that are not. As they say, time is money.

Use E-Mail campaigns to Grow Your Business


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Small and medium sized businesses know buyers are all about digital. Owners of these companies understand that traditional marketing, cold calling and direct mail cannot be used without online marketing, yet they continue buying mailing lists and sales leads. Wonder what they do with them? It’s no secret-they grow their business with traditional marketing efforts, online marketing and e-mail campaigns.

If you know how to write a sales letter, you’re in a good position to execute a successful email campaign. If you’ve never written a sales letter, you’re still in a good spot for email success. Take a look at this simple approach:

·         Know your goal: Make it narrow and measurable, like “Generate 75 new qualified leads from life insurance providers.” Or “Get 85 senior marketing professionals to subscribe to our newsletter.”

·         Know your audience: Stay specific. According to the noted goal, your audience would be:

1.    Life insurance agents/Insurance agency owners

2.    Marketing directors or vice presidents of marketing

·         Develop an Offer: Whether you offer a new product, great price, white paper or webinar, provide something your audience needs.

·         Create a landing page: This is your transition from email to your offer. It’s also a good place to gather contact information from prospects. If your company isn’t very well known, include an “about us” paragraph on your landing page.

·         Determine your distribution: Make sure your mailing list matches your audience. Not only does this help it reach the right people, it helps keep you off the SPAM reports. Buy your sales leads from reputable companies and credible suppliers. Lease your mailing list from trusted sources.

·         Create the e-mail: Use the subject line to demonstrate the benefit instead of the offer. Keep the body short and simple. Begin with the industry challenge. Introduce your offer and list of benefits, and then apply the call to action like, “Sign up for our newsletter!”

·         Send: If you’re not sure how to send mass emails or execute email campaigns, talk to your mailing list provider. They may provide this as an additional service. When you receive sales leads from your email, follow up within 24 hours while your company is still fresh on the prospects mind.

Grow your business with a consistent, ongoing effort. Include traditional marketing pieces with online marketing and email campaigns. Combined, these efforts will grow your business.

Grow Your Business with These Tips


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With so many ways to grow your business, it’s surprising more companies aren’t successful. According to the “experts” at least 50 percent of all companies fail. That’s an astonishing figure, but without proper management, planning, online visibility and appropriate marketing efforts, it’s easy to see why some businesses don’t make it. Having a dream or goal to own your own business is a great starting point, but you need a lot more than ambition to grow your business.

·         Current and fresh sales leads: Contact a reputable company who specializes in custom sales leads. Be sure to invest in current leads lists and work with knowledgeable sales executive. It’s best to discuss your needs, intentions and target market with your leads representative so they can create a list without a wasted leads or improper data.

·         Create or improve your online visibility: Today, more than ever, if you are not easily found online, your company is not set up to succeed. Having a high page Google ranking is vital to your success, as is your social media presence. Every business, large and small, should have an active Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account-at the minimum! Without these online marketing tools, it will be difficult, at best, to grow your business.

·         Traditional Marketing: After you purchase sales leads, use them! So many companies purchase data lists but aren’t sure how to use the information to build their business. Act quickly once you’ve got the data, because it is fresh and current but may constantly be changing. Reach out to prospects with traditional marketing, like telemarketing, postcards, door hangers, flyers, and sales letters. Though it’s important to have online visibility, it’s regrettable to not rely on the tried and true marketing efforts that have worked for years!

Don’t let your business become a failed statistic. Find reputable companies who can help you grow your business. Develop a solid online visibility and use sales leads to grow your prospect list. Don’t forget about traditional marketing efforts, but don’t rely on just one form, either. Call a qualified leads list company/online marketing firm today if you want to grow your business.

Social Media Marketing helps with Retention


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Social media marketing is key to customer retention, which is just as important as prospecting. Use social media to engage current customers and develop a higher rate of retention.

·         Engage your customers in relevant conversations.

·         Respond to comments on social media sites in a timely manner.

·         Treat complaints and concerns with a professional courtesy.

·         Reward and recognize your best followers.

·         Invite offline customers to join you in your social media circle.

·         Repost and link to relevant blogs, tweets and Facebook posts written by others in your industry.

How do you retain your customers? Is social media part of your approach? The more you participate in social media, the more online visibility you have. Though your online presence may not lead directly to sales, it is vital to improving brand recognition, brand trust and loyalty. If you don’t have social media accounts set up and active, you’re missing great opportunities.

Why you should use SEO-Search Engine Optimization


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A business worth anything uses SEO-search engine optimization to get noticed online, gain sales leads and build relationships with their clients and consumers. Companies who don’t use social media marketing miss thousands of prospecting opportunities each day-no joke! Here are a few reasons you should use SEO-search engine optimization andsocial media marketing for your business:

·         It costs you very little to use online marketing. In some cases you pay for hosting and setting up a blog, but if you go through an SEO company, like GoLeads, you only pay for the content and SEO work. This cost is relatively low compared to banner advertisements or pay-per-clicks. Posting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is free; it just costs you your time, unless, again, you have a company do all your social media marketing for you.

·         Online marketing tools are a great way to monitor your brand and engage consumers. If you monitor your social media outlets (and you should!) you know the minute someone says something positive or negative about your brand, your customer service or your company. You can use social media to show your gratitude to customers, new followers or prospects. You can showcase quality sales people within your company, highlight clients who’ve got longevity with you and create discussions where you gain insight about your customers. Use social media to listen to your clients, and learn from them. Consider new “likes” new sales leads. Follow up with them and find out their needs.

·         SEO-search engine optimization lets you compete with all companies in your industry, even the big ones. An effective SEO strategy and social media marketing will give you the same opportunities your competitors have, no matter what their marketing budget is.

·         Everybody’s doing it-really, nearly all your prospects and customers are involved in social media and the internet. Everyone is connected, and with smartphones and other wireless devices, everyone’s connected a lot! People use the web to research products, compare prices and get the background of a company before they make a purchase. Consumers are internet savvy and know how to navigate through all the muck to make informed purchasing decisions. Make sure your customers can find you, because you know your competition isonline.

Utilize SEO-search engine optimization and social media to introduce your brand and embrace your customers. Though you won’t likely land direct sales with internet marketing, you will gain sales leads and interactive relationships with prospects and clients. Get seen online today, with SEO and social media marketing.

Increase Online Visibility with GoLeadsPlus!


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Everybody’s talking about how to increase visibility, get noticed on the web and ways to get noticed by search engines, directories and other online networks. We don’t just talk about it; we do it at the GoLeads Network! It’s such an exciting time for us, because not only do we use our proven methods to continue growing and expanding, but now we share them with smart businesses that are driven to succeed. Our business network does much more than increase visibility; it gets our customers noticed and so much more! Take a look:

GoLeads provides consistent, custom content that gets you noticed on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media marketing services get people talking about your product, your service, your business. GoLeadsPlus excels at social marketing by coordinating social media, SEO and social networking efforts that drive leads to you.

We’ve got a team of professional internet marketing copywriters who create custom blogs specific to your business and your industry. Then our amazing IT department uses the content and introduces companies to search engines, directories and so many other networks, you’re seen by potentially millions of prospects. And, GoLeads knows how to drive these prospects back to your website. That’s right-they can’t help but visit your home page. We make it so easy for them! We send traffic to your site, a lot of traffic!

Did you know the top online tools used by small businesses are websites (98%), email marketing (95%), social media marketing (81%), and online advertising (66%) – CMO Council, November 2011.

If you haven’t been using social media and blogs as part of your online marketing strategy, we’d love to get you caught up to your competition. We’ll even help you pass them by so YOU get noticed online first!

GoLeadsPlus gives you access to GoLeads’ targeted databases of businesses and households for your prospecting and direct mail needs, AND we give you the opportunity to receive referrals and inbound phone calls from people and businesses interested in your product.

We know it takes a lot of time and energy to grow a business. And that’s why we help you maximize your marketing dollars with GoLeadsPlus. No other list company includes you in an online business community increases your visibility on the web.

Take advantage of this opportunity to increase visibility, get noticed on the web and get noticed by search engines, directories and other online networks! We’re not kidding-our system works-isn’t that how you found us? Online? We’d love to share our success with you, and get you noticed online.

Youre Going to Need a List


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Companies of all sizes should be using sales lists to reach more prospects. Without solid leads to start with, it’s nearly impossible to reach your target audience. Whether you prefer to send out direct mail pieces, emails or tele market, every business should have easy access to a qualified sales list.

If your company is fairly new, you’ll need a list of businesses to contact for sales, presentations or just introductions. Get your sales list from a reputable company, one who’s been in the data sales industry long enough to understand the needs and expectations of their clients. A solid sales list company should:

·         Have at least a basic knowledge of your industry.

·         Maintain relationships with vendors to provide exceptional leads lists.

·         Give you an accurate count each time.

·         Understand the urgency or your sales list needs.

·         Have fair pricing.

·         Listen to your intentions so they can better help you with the right leads list.

·         Encourage you to use the lists in a timely manner so they don’t become outdated.

·         Share tips on best practices for your selling needs.

·         Be available for questions and concerns.

·         Discuss the realities of accuracies.

Don’t rely on an unknown sales leads company to provide you with accurate sales lists. In order to establish, maintain and grow your business you’ll need a list of businesses, prospects, competitors and more. Don’t go into your sales blindly; use a current list of businesses you can contact easily.

As you get more established, remember which company’s provided you with good solid leads when you need a list to showcase your new products or feature new business specials. Working with a reputable company to help you develop a list of business contacts is essential when you’re just starting out, relocating, unveiling a new product of just trying to expand. A solid sales list will get you in front of an eager audience.

How to Create the Best Sales Leads List


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When you’re looking for the best sales leads list, don’t go to those “free leads” sites unless you want old, used lists that often don’t have correct information or have all been opted out of.  Research leads companies and try one that’s got asolid reputation and is transparent in their process. You should be able to select your criteria from a good-sized database. Your options for selection should be varied so you can narrow down the target for your marketing. Here are some key criteria to creating the best sales leads list:


Options for residential leads list criteria:

·         First Name

·         Last Name

·         Address

·         City

·         State

·         Zip

·         Phone

·         Age

·         Date of Birth

·         Gender

·         Marital Status

·         Children

·         Home Value

·         Income

·         Length of Residence

·         Home Owner / Renter


Options for commercial leads list criteria:


·         Contact Name

·         Business Name

·         Address

·         City

·         State

·         Zip

·         County

·         Carrier Route

·         Phone Number

·         Fax Number

·         SIC Code

·         SIC Description

·         Year Started

·         Number of Employees

·         Total Annual Sales $

·         Business Started Year

·         HQ / Standalone

·         Web Site


After you pick your criteria and narrow down the target for your marketing efforts, make your selections. When you get your data from a reputable sales leads list company, like GoLeads, you can be confident you’ve compiled the best residential or business leads list available. The list will be accurate and acutely targeted with solid information on each lead.


Whether you’re targeting working moms or single men, an effective sales list will get you more prospects than you can imagine. Take your list and make your move; after all, when you get to pick from the best data available, you create thebest sales leads list.


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